We offer Dressage, Boarding, Lessons, Eventing, western, training and trail for Spokane, Deer Park Loon Lake and surrounding communities.

 About us and our lesson program

We offer Dressage, Eventing, lessons, training and boarding for Spokane, Deer Park, Loon Lake.

       Legacy Farm and Stable have been at Loon Lake since 1999. We expand the horizons of those who wish to learn about horses through education.  We offer riding lessons, horse training, clinics and camps. We have a top-notch staff who is dedicated to teaching students as well as all around excellent horse care utilizing the highest industry standards!

   ​  Legacy Farm and Stable's lessons first provide a foundation from which all riders can benefit.  Then with improving skills and fitness, the rider can participate in Dressage, Showjumping, Eventing, or Pleasure Riding. Though competition is entirely optional, it is encouraged as a the proving ground for horsemanship skills.  All riders, regardless of experience, are required to sign a release form and wear an ASTM-SEI approved riding helmet and foot-wear with minimum 1/2 inch heel and smooth sole. Close fitting clothes and long pants or breeches are encouraged.

      Legacy Farm and Stable is dedicated to the promotion of good horse management, classical dressage training, Eventing and show jumping. We bring magic into the lives of anyone that has the love of horses by teaching excellence. Our range of knowledge extends all the way from the most elegant of riding, classical dressage,  to the adrenaline rush of Eventing, as well as basic Horsemanship for the pleasure rider.

                                   Our focus has always been families and their horses. 

           Our head coach, Joyce Morgan is a highly successful Instructor, Trainer, and International Clinician with over 50 years experience. Her background in Dressage and Combined Training allows her to teach all level of riders from beginners to advanced.  

          Due to Covid, competitions were curtailed the last two years.  Yet we had riders qualify for Eventing Championships with one rider attending.  She placed third overall for our Area 7 of the country, Training level.  In the past, we have had  riders qualify to compete in the Western United States USPC Show Jumping Championships in Sacramento, CA.  This year we have  17 competitions on the schedule for here and away.  Watch Facebook for our wins!       




Come and meet Joyce Morgan, our head instructor

     Her time spent in Germany with the Dressage master, Ulrick Shickta, was amazing and a tremendous learning opportunity.    She then went on to ride with A.L. Lyall in the Yorkshires England, with his Grand Prix Dressage Horses. This was beyond her wildest expectations.

     Over the years she have been blessed with the chance to clinic with some of the greats in the horse industry: Hilda Gurney, Jane Savoie, Don Sachey, Bruce Davidson and Daniel Stewart, former USEA Olympic coach, each of them generously imparting their knowledge and experience to riders.  Joyce says, "Each one helped me to see the road is never ending but always a glorious experience.  A rider with a proper foundation will find lifelong enjoyment with horses".