Legacy Farm & Stable 


​Loon Lake, WA


The setting is beautiful and the woman that runs it is amazing. We got the pleasure of meeting her sister on our visit as well. They were both so kind and knowledgeable. I would recommend this place to people just looking for a fun experience and people that are looking to learn from the best! Thank you ladies!
Lacey W. · September 15, 2016 

My daughter has been taking lessons at Legacy Farm and Stables from the age of three.  Through her lessons she’s developed self-confidence as well as incredible balance, coordination, and ability to focus. Now that we’ve moved Joyce comes to clinic once a month so my daughter can keep up on her skills; it’s her favorite weekend of the month.

I came to Legacy Farm to build confidence with myself and my horse. I stayed because I found out that there is more to riding than just sitting on my horse, I found a whole new world of riding and am loving it. The people at Legacy are all great lover's of the Horses they know and LOVE! 


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Thank you to all who served with Legacy Farm and Stable in 2018. A special thank you to the Carlson, Keenan,  Briskey, Hosini, Ames, Kerbs, Clark, and Miller Families. 

May you all charge into 2019 with a willingness to serve, and feel the joy it brings!