Hearts & Horses 501C3

We offer Dressage, Boarding, Lessons, Eventing, western, training and trail for Spokane, Deer Park Loon Lake and surrounding communities.

We offer Dressage, Eventing, lessons, training and boarding for Spokane, Deer Park, Loon Lake.

​​Hearts and Horses 501c3 evolved through compelling economic needs in our community.  So often, it is the low income children who can benefit the most from the physical, mental and social benefits of horseback riding.  

This program excels at bringing the magic of horses into the lives of  children who otherwise would have no chance of learning to ride.


        Our funding is offered on a sliding scale, based upon Washington state guidelines for low income assistance.  If a family qualifies for the school lunch program, they will qualify for Hearts and Horses.  The maximum is 50% of lesson prices offered at Legacy Farm and Stable. For Hearts and Horses students, services are offered at a reduced rate.  Students' families must pay the balance and/or the student may become a working student for the balance.


 Hearts and horses Board of Directors raises money through donations, grants,  and fundraising efforts.  
Current and incoming financially eligible students may receive new 

scholarships or even funding for competition entry and summer camp.   
   Please see the website at www.heartsandhorses.net for more information

Please consider donating today.  We work hard to raise money 

for these youngsters!  Every little bit is very much appreciated!


Hearts and Horses
is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. 

Your donations are 100% tax deductible.