Group paddock, self clean                                   $285.00 per month

Private paddock shared cleaning                          $340.00 per month

We provide hay and clean water. Group paddocks have slow feed hay nets in a feeder so horses can enjoy a dirt free/mud free grazing-like experience 24/7.  horses in private paddocks and stalls enjoy feeding two times per day.  Owners are responsible for grain and supplements, as well as veterinary care and  hoof care.

Please click on the box near the description of boarding type that has been previously agreed upon in your boarding contract.  All boarding will be charged to your credit or debit card on the first of the month, prepaid.

Private paddock, self clean                                   $300.00 per month

Horse Boarding

Private paddock staff clean                                    $375.00 per month

Private stall with 24x30 paddock                                  $500.00

The new barn has 9  12x12 box stalls with grilles, swing doors and an open doorway to the outdoor run.  Seven stalls feature 12x30 outdoor runs. Two stalls feature 24x30 runs.  Other features include a 20 foot wide central aisle and a heated tack room/laundry room. Expected completion date is June 1. 

Below, is a button you may use to make a $50.00 deposit to reserve a stall for your horse.

Private stall  with paddock.                                         $450.00

$85.00 recurring weekly charge for private paddock, shared cleaning  

Boarding deposit:  A non refundable $50.00 payment to hold a stall for your horse's future occupancy. Will be deducted from your first month's board.

This special service payment button,which allows you to enter the amount,  is a convenience for any extra care needed for you horse, such as veterinary transportation, holding horse for the farrier. etc.  When you authorize the payment, please comment in the box below, describing the nature of the service, so that we can properly credit the payment.