Legacy Farm & Stable 


​Loon Lake, WA

Horse Training

   In our Training we utilize Classical Dressage for the base of all riding. 
We use solid ground work, lunging, ground driving, and the British style of "backing a horse" to start them.

 All our work is focused on bringing your horse to self carriage and free forward movement. We strive to allow the horse's natural abilities to come through early in the training rather than asking them to form to a specific shape. Once the self carriage is defined, the "frame" that we are looking for will come in time. 

     Working with the horses natural communications and allowing the horses to see us as the lead Horse we have very little difficulty with any of the horses.
  We have great success with our BOMB PROOFING Clinics as well. Horses with a problem or spoiled nature seem to come around in short order as well, as we believe there are no BAD horses only bad life experiences.

 Training Fees 

 All fees are to be paid at the begining of the training period.
 Grain, supplements farrier, vetting and any other incidentals are extra.

All horses are taken on a 2 week trial to see if they fit our program, then decisions are made to the long course of action.
*All prices subject to change