Legacy Farm & Stable 


​Loon Lake, WA

  Come and meet Joyce Morgan, the owner, Coach and Chief Instructor, who has 48 years of experience in training horse and their riders.
   Her time spent in Germany with the Dressage master, Ulrick Shickta, was amazing and such a tremendous learning opportunity.

She then went on to ride with A.L. Lyall in the Yorkshires England, with his Grand Prix Dressage Horses. This was beyond her wildest expectations.

     Over the years she have been blessed with the chance to clinic with some of the greats in the horse industry: Hilda Gurney, Jane Savoie, Don Sachey, Bruce Davidson and Daniel Stewart.

      Each of them imparting some of their knowledge and experience to the riders they are teaching, helped me to see the road is never ending but always a glorious experience.
Joyce Morgan PPC.