We offer Dressage, Boarding, Lessons, Eventing, western, training and trail for Spokane, Deer Park Loon Lake and surrounding communities.


    (A specially tailored and individually scheduled group lesson, 2-3 hours in length)

5-12 riders $50.00 each person

12 or more riders $45.00 each person

Please contact Joyce at 509-951-5283 (text preferred) to discuss scheduling and payment


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As with other businesses, we have schedules to keep.  We appreciate 24 hours notice of any changes.  You will be liable for charges in full in the case of less than 24 hours notice.

​​Guided Educational Woodland Rides
Basic Ride  $60.00 per Rider. Approx. 1 hour

*All prices subject to change without notice

   ​Legacy Farm and Stable's lessons first provide a foundation from which all riders can benefit.  You can then go on to  Dressage, Showjumping, Eventing, or Pleasure Riding.  All riders, regardless of experience, are required to sign a release form and wear an ASTM-SEI approved riding helmet and foot-wear with minimum 1/2 inch heel and smooth sole. Close fitting clothes and long pants or breeches are encouraged.


Lessons Menu


 Private lesson 45-60 minutes                                               $65.00

 Private Lesson 30 minutes                                                   $40.00

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Semi -private (share with 2-3 riders)                                     $55.00

Group lesson (share with 4 or more riders)                           $50.00

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Promotional special!  First time rider package 6 lessons     $270.00

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Continuing discount package for the serious rider:                     $290.00

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A month of 2 lessons per week (eight lessons)                    $380.00

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Please note:  Because we know that riding is made up of physical skills that require practice and physical

                     conditioning, these packages must be used within a time frame of 5-7 weeks.

We offer Dressage, Eventing, lessons, training and boarding for Spokane, Deer Park, Loon Lake.